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Private Non-Profit Housing

The Inter-organization Network Non-Profit Homes (Durham) Sarah McDonald's Place

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Knowing your Community is Vital
About us TIRND
The Inter-organization Resources Network Durham.
TIRND is a Network of Afrocentric Caribbean Groups in the Durham Region whose aims and objectives are to foster and enhance harmonious race relationships between the ethno-cultural diversity of our communities. Promote positive relationships between the Political Powers and the community. We are also a Non-Profit Housing Provider. A Project of TIRND.
We Create Change Locally
Strategic Planning
Non-Profit Housing Education
Durham Police Community Diversity Committee
.                                      Tirnd Partners

Durham Children's Aid Black Advisory Committee
Father's Day
Wealth Creation




Short Premium Domains - Tirndi

Short Premium Domains Tirndi

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Strategic Planning

An opportunity to look at the Big picture of your organization, past, present and future.

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